3D printers


XAHAX Slovakia company deals with providing of services of 3D printing. We offer a new printing service of real spatial 3D models. Printed models are made from plastic material. It is the most convenient way to transfer your models from the virtual to the real world.

Partners and customers will better understand your thoughts and ideas. You will present yourself with a modern way, which will definitely diversify you from the competition. You will reduce costs and at the same time you will significantly accelerate the production of prototypes.


Digital environment goes along with us every day in many areas of our lives. Every day is a lot of people working with a virtual computer CAD environment that has become a way to easily create new product designs, quickly and accurately change the shape or size already made parts, or set up a digital prototype for future products. This work now extends into many areas of creative work and is not just a prerogative of the industry. Now fully entered to the fields of art, architecture, medicine, archeology, anthropology …
The digital model is, but as if "closed" in the computer environment and traditional methods of production are not always in accordance with the time at which they have been created in the digital world.
Quick access to physical reality provides 3D printing method through devices that are now commonly called 3D printers.



Field of use of 3D printing is very wide, from the production of accurate prototype model through product design ,engineering, architecture, art, medicine, marketing or education.