3D printing quotation

In the case of your interest in 3D printing just fill in contact information and send us a 3D model through the form or you also can contact us at info info@xahax.com and we will make and send you a quotation of your model.

Total price for the 3D printing consist to a price of the spent building and supporting material and time needed to print it out.

The informative price of 3d printing:

  • 1cm3 of material is 0,3 €

  • 60 min. of printing is 6 €

A standard format for 3D printing is the STL format (stereolitography). But at the request we can handle all most used 3D formats.

For a faster making out of 3D printing quotation is appropriate before sending us your 3d model to check the errors of your model and its suitability for 3D printing. Very applicable for it is software MiniMagics that you can download free from this link.


Examples of priced models

Model 1:

Dimensions (mm): X83,1; Y100,7; Z118,5

Building material (cm3) 105,68

Support material (cm3) 62,83

Printing time (min) 769

Model price with VAT 151,63 €


Model 2:

Dimensions (mm): X63,5; Y45,5; Z21,0

Building material (cm3)14,29

Support material (cm3) 5,37

Printing time (min) 89

Model price with VAT 17,61 €


Model 3:

Dimensions (mm): X40,2; Y61,6; Z27

Building material (cm3) 13,76

Support material (cm3) 17,03

Printing time (min) 154

Model price with VAT 29,32 €

Model 4:
Dimensions (mm): X49; Y69,9; Z16,5

Building material (cm3) 2,86

Support material (cm3) 3,74

Printing time (min) 29

Model price with VAT 5,81 €